Each Character Needs an Independent Problem

Posted on April 13, 2013 in Writing

I’m starting a rewriting phase. And I came across this, which I think is rather good advice, so I’m flagging it.

Taken from http://scriptshadow.net/amateur-smackdown-script-2-monster-mash/

Make sure each character has a problem independent of the story. In other words, if none of these crazy mummies and zombies had showed up, would your characters still have an issue they had to overcome? The answer should be yes. Here, Will is trying to get Sandra. That’s his problem he needs to solve. It’s not done very well because Sandra appears to already like him. But the idea behind it is good. Try to do this for EVERY character. Give them a problem independent of the story. That way, parallel to solving the giant overall goal, they’re trying to conquer these smaller more personal goals.